Thompson offers congrats, MS Republicans mum on Biden’s victory

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Over the weekend, the 2020 presidential election came to an end with Joe Biden now on track to become the 46th President in U.S. History. 

While President-Elect Biden holds a 290-214 electoral advantage over President Trump, who will become the first incumbent President to lose his re-election bid since George H. W. Bush in 1992, the White House’s current occupant isn’t ready to concede. 

The President’s legal team has filed several lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, alleging voter fraud. Recounts are also a possibility in Wisconsin — won by Biden —  and Georgia where the President-Elect currently holds a slight lead. 

Amid the early ongoings of the legal fight, the Republican members of Mississippi’s delegation in Washington, all staunch supporters of the President, released the following statement Friday as Biden was trending toward a victory in the electoral college. 

“Americans should have confidence in our voting system and that all ballots have been submitted correctly and legally. This is precisely what President Trump and his legal team are seeking.

“Any allegations of voting irregularities, including ballot tampering or voting by ineligible persons, should be investigated and adjudicated to the fullest extent of the law. 

“It is essential to our democracy and the integrity of our elections that this process be allowed to play out in full view of the American people, and that election observers from both sides of the aisle be allowed to participate.

“Neither the media nor states should rush to declare a winner in closely contested states until all legally-cast ballots have been counted and all legal challenges and required recounts have been resolved.” – Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith and Congressmen Trent Kelly (MS-1), Michael Guest (MS-3) & Steven Palazzo (MS-4)

While the Republican delegation has not spoken out since Saturday, Congressmen Bennie Thompson (MS-2), Mississippi’s lone Democratic representative in Congress, quickly voiced his support for the President-Elect’s agenda after the race was called. 

“Now that the election of President-Elect Biden is for all intents and purposes official, I look forward to working with his administration on pandemic plans, student loan debt, pre-existing health conditions, and stabilizing trade policy. Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect,” Thompson tweeted.

Biden addressed the nation Saturday night and pushed for unity as he, and his running mate Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, prepare for the transition of power. In the speech, Biden stated that their work begins with controlling the pandemic. Today, he named his COVID-19 Advisory Board, which consists of 13 medical experts. This on the same day that Pfizer announced its vaccine was found to be 90% effective during stage three of its clinical trials. 

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