New poll shows Reeves with slight lead in Governor’s race

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With less than two weeks remaining until Mississippi elects its next Governor, a new poll shows Republican Tate Reeves holding a slight lead over Democrat Jim Hood. 

Conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, the poll shows the current Lt. Governor with a 46% to 43% lead over Mississippi’s current Attorney General.

A total of 625 registered Mississippi voters from all across the state were polled by phone with a ± 4 margin for error. A more detailed breakdown of the responses was included. 

“The contest is strongly divided along racial lines, with Hood leading 80%-7% among African-American voters and Reeves ahead by a wide 66%-24% margin among whites. 

Reeves also leads among men, voters 50+ and Republicans. Hood has the advantage among women, voters under 50, Democrats and Independents.” – Mason-Dixon Strategies

With President Trump set to visit Mississippi just four days prior to the election, Mason-Dixon Strategies asked participants if they approve or disapprove of the President’s performance in office. 54% approved while 42% disapproved with the remaining 4% answering “not sure.” 

The voters were also asked ‘do you support or oppose impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from office?’ 56% opposed impeachment with 34% supporting impeachment. The remaining 10% of participants were undecided. Taking these responses into account, the pollsters examined what this might mean for the upcoming election in Mississippi.

“In this close race, President Donald Trump could be the deciding factor. Trump remains popular in Mississippi and efforts by congressional Democrats to impeach him are opposed by a significant majority of state voters. 

Statewide, 54% approve of Trump’s job performance as president and 56% are opposed to impeaching him and removing him from office. 

“The hyper-partisan situation in Washington could hurt Hood in this strong red state. His previous success at winning statewide office as a moderate-to-conservative Democrat is faced with a tougher than usual battle. The strong leftward drift of Hood’s national party makes it more difficult to generate cross- over support. Meanwhile, the GOP is attempting to nationalize this year’s three southern governor’s races into a show of support for the president in his fights against House Democrats. 

In Louisiana, Trump’s last-minute campaigning in that state’s primary helped boost GOP voter turnout and forced popular moderate-to-conservative incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards into a run-off. This higher GOP turnout also drove the two leading Republican challengers to a combined vote that exceeded 50%. 

Trump will be campaigning in Mississippi in an attempt to repeat that outcome, and if he replicates the impact of his Louisiana performance it should provide Reeves a significant boost.” – Mason-Dixon Strategies

The full poll results can be seen here – Mississippi Governor’s Race Poll

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