MSDH: 3,413 Mississippians have recovered from COVID-19

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The Mississippi State Department of Health will now be reporting the state’s recovery rate for COVID-19. 

As of Wednesday morning, 6,569 total COVID-19 cases had been confirmed in Mississippi. According to the MSDH, over 50% of people infected with the virus have now recovered. 

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs and other state officials continue to urge you to remain cautious. 

“This thing is not over,” Dr. Dobbs said Tuesday. “We need to continue to be careful. Certainly, we have flattened the curve and we feel like we’ve maintained a pretty good hospital capacity to make sure that everybody in Mississippi can get the care they need, but please, now is not the time to let down our guard,”

During today’s press briefing Dr. Dobbs and Governor Reeves reiterated that, even as some restrictions have been relaxed under the current ‘safer-at-home’ order, you need to continue to practice social distancing, avoid large crowds, stay at home when possible and wear a mask if you must go out in public. 

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