Mississippi flag commission narrows field to five

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The Mississippi flag commission has narrowed down its search for a new state flag to five options.

On Tuesday morning, the nine-member commission held a virtual meeting in order to select the final five designs after condensing the field to nine last Friday.

Today’s meeting began with a discussion surrounding the nine designs and their alterations. The screenshot below shows the final five voted upon by the commission.

The commission will now make minor adjustments to the above designs before printing versions of all five, which will be available for public viewing outside of the state capitol building one week from today.

Then, on September 3, a final meeting will take place. The one flag that comes out alive will head to the November ballot for the people of Mississippi to vote on.

Say the design that makes it to the polls does not get a majority of the vote, this process will start all over again.

You can watch the entirety of this morning’s meeting below:

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