‘Hospitality Flag’ alters design to include “In God We Trust”

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Photo Courtesy of Hospitality Flag/Twitter

The creators of the ‘Hospitality Flag’ have altered its design in order to keep it in the running to become the next Mississippi state flag.

The bill to remove the now-former state flag and create a commission to design a new proposal includes two stipulations – the flag cannot display the Confederate battle emblem and it must carry the motto “In God We Trust”.

Wednesday, the creators of the popular flag, which was formally known as the Stennis Flag, unveiled its new look.

Wednesday afternoon, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History officially retired the flag that has flown above the state since 1894.

A nine-member commission will be created to design a proposal for a new flag that will be voted upon by Mississippians in November. If that design doesn’t receive a majority of the vote, a new proposal will be submitted.

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