Governor Reeves encourages Mississippians to vote “no” on Initiative 65

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During today’s press briefing, Governor Tate Reeves explained his position on the upcoming ballot initiative that seeks to legalize the use of medical marijuana in Mississippi. 

When you go to fill out your ballot on November 3rd, you’ll first be asked to vote for or against medical marijuana before then choosing between Initiative 65, which was placed on the ballot by way of a petition that earned over 228,000 signatures, or 65A, the legislative alternative passed back in March. 

In recent weeks, many elected officials and medical professionals have spoken out against the initiative, which if passed would be added into Mississippi’s Constitution. The concern among these officials is the inability to alter portions of the amendment if issues arise. Governor Reeves stated today that he shares those concerns. 

“Because I have three daughters, I certainly understand the intent of those individuals who were successful in getting Initiative 65 on the ballot, but because of those three daughters and the concern that I have in putting marijuana in our state constitution and everything that goes along with that, I’m going to vote no on both and I encourage my fellow Mississippians to do the same,” he said.

Since you will have the opportunity to answer the second question even if you vote against both measures (see sample ballot at bottom of the page), Governor Reeves stated that he will vote for 65A because he believes it to be “the smartest way to take that vote.”

Mississippians for Compassionate Care, the group behind Initiative 65, has criticized 65A, calling it an attempt by lawmakers to “confuse voters” in order to keep medical marijuana illegal in Mississippi.

The group was recently issued a cease and desist letter by President Trump’s campaign for false claims that the president was in favor of the initiative. 

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