Empower Mississippi launches Employer Toolkit for second chance hiring

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Empower Mississippi hasannounced the publication of “Untapped: How Chance Hiring Can Grow Your Workforce,” a resource for Mississippi employers.

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The toolkit includes valuable information for businesses in the state to ensure that they are taking advantage of these benefits and not excluding qualified applicants from the workplace. The toolkit offers tips that are established based on the best practices backed by research and experience from organizations across the country and can help employers grow their workforce safely and effectively.

Every year, over 5,000 unemployed people re-enter Mississippi’s workforce from the state’s prison system. These Mississippians represent an important and under-utilized segment of Mississippi’s workforce.

Mississippi’s overall unemployment rate in 2018 hovered around 5%while the most recent data for formerly incarcerated people was at 27%.People re-entering the workforce arefive timesas likely to be looking for work.

At a time of low unemployment for the general population, finding qualified people to fill open positions can be a challenge. By ensuring that they are using best practices for second chance hiring, Mississippi employers can ensure that they are maximizing their talent pool while ensuring a safe and productive workplace.

To download the Employer Toolkit,click here.

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