Chairman Thompson announces field hearing on Mississippi ICE raids

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On Thursday, November 7th, the Committee on Homeland Security, chaired by Mississippi Congressman Bennie G. Thompson, will hold a public field hearing in Mississippi on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) workplace raids that took place on August 7th.

The raids were touted as the largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in the United States.  However, despite extensive planning, ICE failed to account for the impact on children and communities.  Thompson said the field hearing will give committee members the opportunity to learn how the Trump Administration, and ICE specifically, has impacted communities across Mississippi.

Chairman Thompson released the following statement announcing the hearing:

“By any measure, the August ICE raids were a show of force that has had a significant impact on communities in Mississippi. Two months later, we still don’t have a proper explanation of why the federal government planned and executed these raids without accounting for the impact on children, families, and the community.  Because of this negligence, dozens of children went home after their first day of school to find that one or both of their parents were nowhere to be found.  It is imperative that Congress not ignore our oversight responsibilities as the Trump Administration continues to cruelly target migrant families.  This hearing will be an opportunity to hear directly from our communities on how the Administration’s immigration policies have impacted them.”

Event details:

WHAT: House Committee on Homeland Security Field hearing:  Immigration Raids: Impacts and Aftermath on Mississippi Communities

WHEN: Thursday, November 7th at 10am CST

WHERE: Holmes Hall Auditorium, Tougaloo College, Touglaoo, Mississippi

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