Calgon Carbon’s expansion to create 38 new jobs in Hancock County

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A carbon product manufacturer’s expansion in South Mississippi will create nearly 40 new jobs. 

With a corporate investment of $185 million, Calgon Carbon is set to increase its production capacity at Port Bienville in Hancock County. The expansion will create 38 new jobs to be filled by 2022. 

“Aptly positioned on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Calgon Carbon’s innovative products help industries and communities clean their air and water to protect our precious natural resources. This $185 expansion will further boost production capacity, increasing investment in our natural resources for future generations,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “Tapping into our skilled workforce and creating 38 new jobs, I’m excited to see more Mississippians get to work and help make these important products that are used across our great nation and the world.”

Calgon Carbon, and its parent company, Kuraray, manufacture coal-, wood- and coconut-based activated carbon products to meet the water and air purification demands of their customers worldwide. The company is adding a new production line at its Bay St. Louis facility and increasing production space from 200,000 square feet to 400,000 square feet. The expansion also will increase Calgon Carbon’s total annual production capacity to more than 200-million pounds of granular activated carbon.

“This expansion enables our activated carbon products to be more broadly used to clean the world’s air and water on an even larger scale,” said Steve Schott, Calgon Carbon president and CEO. “There is no better place for this expansion, we have always felt at home in Mississippi, and we appreciate the support and enthusiasm the state and local economic development leadership have shown us, and our parent company, Kuraray.”

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for building construction and workforce training. The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission is providing assistance, as well.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., Calgon Carbon currently employs 42 workers in Bay St. Louis.

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